New vice chair elected

vice chair

Nancy L. Rackoff, a member of the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission since 2002, was elected vice chair of the board at the Commission’s 112th annual meeting, held in June 2016 in Pittsburgh.  In that capacity, she succeeds Priscilla J. McCrady, who served for 21 years.  Rackoff, a partner with the law firm of Tener Van Kirk, Wolf & Moore, P.C., is also a member of the Hero Fund’s executive, audit, and salary and benefits committees.

Rackoff is pictured with James Whitfield Hills of Littleton, Colo., a special guest at the meeting.  Hills, 28, is one of the 32 great-great-grandchildren of Andrew and Louise Whitfield Carnegie and is the son of board member Linda Thorell Hills, who is one of the 15 “greats,” and the late Harold Hills.  A graduate of the University of Denver, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering, he is a mechanical engineer with Lockheed Martin, where he is working on the Orion Project, a spacecraft being designed and built to take humans farther than they’ve ever gone before, including to Mars.  On earth, Hills’s visit to Pittsburgh enabled him to gain insight into the Hero Fund.  “It truly is amazing the work that (the Hero Fund) does on a daily basis,” he said. “I find it awe-inspiring that the vision of a great man so long ago has grown and flourished and still to this day people work to carry out what he had hoped and wished for.”

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