Terrance A. Dea, deceased

Terrance A. Dea, a 70-year-old retired sales manager of Louisville, drowned June 5, 2021, attempting to rescue an 18-year-old woman who was thrown from her jet ski into the Little River in Louisville. Emma R. Fila was negotiating a curve in the waterway and hit a concrete bridge support. The impact rendered her unconscious and threw her facedown in water that was 24 feet deep. In another party on a nearby boat, Dea responded, entering the river and swimming to Fila. Dea then became unresponsive in the water. Four others from another boat responded and brought Dea and Fila to Dea’s boat, where they performed CPR. They drove Dea’s boat to a nearby dock and continued attempts to revive them. Paramedics arrived and pronounced them dead; they had drowned.