Shei’Londa S. Brooks

Shei’Londa S. BrooksShei’Londa S. Brooks helped to rescue Austin I. Stoney from burning, Houston, Texas, February 29, 2016.

Stoney, 39, was the driver of a compact sport utility vehicle that, in a nighttime accident, left the roadway, struck a concrete wall, and came to rest on a grassy berm. He lay face down across the front seats as a small fire broke out under the hood on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Another motorist, Brooks, 25, office manager of Houston, witnessed the accident. She stopped at the scene, ran to the vehicle, and opened its driver’s door.

Brooks put one foot on the floor at the driver’s seat, leaned inside to grasp Stoney by his attire, and then pulled on him, getting his legs outside the vehicle.

An explosion at the car at that time set fire to her clothing and forced her back. Others responding to the scene fully removed Stoney before the vehicle burned completely.

Stoney and Brooks both required hospital treatment for their burns, Brooks sustaining burns of up to second degree to her face, arms, chest, and legs. They recovered.



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