Scott Morin; Enmanuel Familia, deceased; Amy M. Waterman; Angela C. Consiglio; and Steven Barnett

Five Massachusetts police officers will receive the Carnegie Medal after helping three teens struggling to stay afloat in Green Hill Pond in Worcester, Massachusetts, on June 4, 2021. Worcester officer Scott Morin, 26, was the first to arrive at the scene and entered the deep, 52-degree water of the pond fully clothed. He swam about 35 feet and grasped a 15-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl each by the hand and towed them to wadable water near the bank. Morin was nearly exhausted after the rescue and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He was later released and recovered. Officer Enmanuel Familia, 38, also with Worcester police, also responded to the pond, where others alerted him that a 14-year-old boy remained in the pond and had submerged. Fully clothed, Familia entered the pond and swam about 60 feet toward the teen’s last known location, but he shortly struggled in the water and submerged. By then state trooper Amy M. Waterman, 47, and Worcester officers Angela C. Consiglio, 51, and Steven Barnett, 56, had arrived and entered the pond to search for the teen, then swam to where Familia was last seen. Though all three officers dived multiple times to locate Familia, they could not find him. Fire officials arrived and ordered all of the officers out of the water. Waterman and Consiglio, nearly exhausted, exited the water, and were taken by ambulance to the hospital. They were later released and recovered. Barnett remained in the water where Familia was last seen to mark the position for fire department divers. He too was taken to the hospital by ambulance where he was treated and released. Familia and the 14-year-old boy were recovered by divers later that day; they had drowned.

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