Robert Cody Moore

A 53-year-old trader jumped into the 68-degree Houston Ship Channel off of La Porte, Texas, after a car entered the channel on New Year’s Eve 2021. Robert Cody Moore of Bellaire, Texas, jumped from a ferry landing into the water 8 feet below. He swam to the vehicle and called for the driver inside to exit the car. At the point where water inside the car rose to cover the driver’s head, the driver’s window opened and the driver exited. Moore immediately grabbed the 63-year-old man by the collar, instructing him to float on his back, while Moore held him to his chest. After swimming back to the ferry landing and finding no way to exit the water, Moore towed the man to a nearby buoy, holding onto its tether in the 15-feet deep water. Two others in Moore’s party tied together shirts to craft a lifeline and, standing on the landing, extended it to the water. Moore towed the man back to the landing and held onto the shirts, where those on land dragged them to a point where they could pull the man out of the water. Moore then climbed out of the water.