Private investigator comes to aid of police officer

Thomas St. John Harding, 51, a private investigator from May Landing, N.J., rescued Steve J. Felice, 44, from an assault in Elmer, N.J., on April 8, 2011. Felice was attempting to arrest a man at night along a rural highway. Resisting, the man struggled against him, taking them to the pavement, where the man removed Felice’s handgun from its holster. The two men fought for control of the gun. Harding drove upon the scene and saw the men struggling. Learning from Felice that the assailant had his gun, Harding approached the men, knelt, and pried the assailant’s hand from the weapon. Felice returned the gun to its holster and with Harding continued to struggle against the assailant until they were able to handcuff him.
Photo, by Craig Matthews, is copyright and courtesy of The Daily Journal, Vineland, N.J.