Omar Lee and James Wyatt

Omar Lee and James Wyatt
Omar Lee
Omar Lee and James Wyatt
James Wyatt

After a Nov. 7, 2017, interstate accident in Louisville, Ky., 59-year-old Brad E. Vandeventer remained in the cabin of a semi-truck that had overturned onto its passenger side and slid into a retaining wall. Fire burned on the truck’s undercarriage, at its front end, and on the road where leaked diesel fluid pooled. Forty-year-old off-duty police officer Omar Lee and 42-year-old teacher James Wyatt went to the truck. Lee used his flashlight to strike the windshield, but he could not break it. After an air hose ruptured, flames intensified and they stepped back, but then returned to the truck. Lee used his handheld radio to break out a skylight window of the overturned truck. At the opening there, both Lee and Wyatt grasped Vandeventer and pulled him from the truck and carried him to safety. Flames grew to consume the truck, but Vandeventer was not burned.


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