Officers cited for 2010 fire rescue

Officers Jason Ewing of the Clarkston, Wash., Police Department, center, and Dustin E. Hibbard of the Lewiston, Idaho, Police Department, right, received their Carnegie Medals from Lewiston Mayor Kevin Poole at a meeting of the Lewiston City Council in October.   The men were cited for rescuing the occupant of a smoke-filled apartment in Lewiston on Nov. 28, 2010, when Ewing was a reserve officer for the Lewiston department.

Said Hibbard, “All five of us (officers) set out to do the same thing, with Jason and I fortunate enough to pick the right door. But those other guys would have done the same thing, as would the majority of the officers in our department.”  Both Hibbard and Ewing required hospital treatment for significant smoke inhalation during the rescue.