Louis Marano and Thomas W. Brown

Louis Marano and Thomas W. Brown
Thomas W. Brown
Louis Marano and Thomas W. Brown
Louis Marano

Louis Marano and Thomas W. Brown helped to save two men from drowning, North Wildwood, New Jersey, August 6, 2016.

The men, both in their 20s, were swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at twilight when they struggled to stay afloat and shouted for help.

Marano, 48, salesman, and Brown, 55, sales executive, both of Philadelphia, were on the beach and alerted to the situation. Despite diminished visibility and large waves, Marano and Brown retrieved boogie boards, entered the water and paddled and kicked to the young men, who were approximately 400 feet from shore.

Marano grasped the arm of one of the men, who was bobbing up and down in the water, and told him to climb on his back. Marano held the board and started to kick toward shore. Brown had the other man hold to his boogie board. With difficulty in the waves and current, Marano and Brown moved toward shore with the men.

Officials from multiple agencies, including police, fire personnel, and lifeguards, arrived at the scene with rescue equipment and entered the water. They swam to Marano, Brown, and the men and took them to shore.   The two rescued men refused treatment at the scene.

Marano and Brown were tired after the rescue. Marano also swallowed water and was sore the next day. Marano and Brown both recovered.


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