Lloyd Muldrow

A 57-year-old club-goer jumped into action July 4, 2022, after a man struck his friend in the face with a handgun. As people inside the Baltimore club shouted that the assailant had a gun, Lloyd Muldrow, a retired safety and training manager of Jacksonville, North Carolina, entered the building. Seeing his friend, 71-year-old Marshall Cullens, bloodied, Muldrow struck the assailant in the face and forced him to the floor. Although Muldrow had a concealed and loaded handgun, he did not draw it during the altercation. When police arrived, they saw Muldrow and Cullens restraining the assailant on the ground. Medics at the scene treated Cullens, who did not require hospitalization. Muldrow was not injured.

A screen capture of police body cam footage that shows Carnegie Hero Lloyd Muldrow and another man holding the assailant to the floor. Footage courtesy of Palm Beach Police Department.