Leon Wright

Leon WrightOrlando, Fla., resident Leon Wright was shopping Sept. 8, 2018, in Orlando when he heard a car horn honking erratically. A couple was parked at a drive-through bank machine nearby when a man armed with a box cutter approached their car and reached through the driver’s window in an attempt to steal the purse of 55-year-old driver Mildred Ortiz. As Ortiz tried to drive away, the assailant shut off the car. He then struggled with her and her husband, passenger Albert Vasquez, 60, for control of the purse. As Wright, a 51-year-old car interior restorer, approached, the assailant had an arm around Ortiz’s neck and the retracted box cutter against her throat. Wright punched the assailant’s head and side and pulled on him, until he moved away from the car and swung the box cutter at him. The struggle continued away from the car, with the assailant falling to the pavement where Wright and another man kicked at him. The assailant regained his footing and lunged at Wright, who backpedaled away from him and fell. Finally, the assailant fled. Ortiz and Vasquez were not physically injured. Wright suffered a fractured wrist, which required surgery and therapy.


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