Kevin L. Heselton

Kevin L. Heselton
Photo by Elliot Karlan, The Ark Newspaper.

Kevin L. Heselton rescued Marcy L. Andrews from assault in San Rafael, Calif., on June 18, 2016.

Andrews was in her fenced-in backyard when a man entered the yard and said he was going to kill her. He pulled a revolver partially out of the pocket of his pants.

Andrews picked up a pair of pruning shears, ran to the wooden fence, which was about 6 feet high, and started to climb over it, but the assailant pulled her to the ground.

Andrews screamed for help. The assailant took the pruning shears from her and stabbed her in the neck and back before he began to choke her.

Heselton, 44, construction company owner of Tiburon, Calif., was in the neighborhood and heard the screams. He ran to the fence, climbed over it, and dropped to the ground.

Heselton went to the assailant and Andrews and kicked the assailant off of her. Heselton grabbed the assailant and held him to the ground.

Andrews was moved out of the yard by others to safety. Police arrived and apprehended the assailant.

Andrews sustained stab wounds and contusions and was treated at a hospital. Heselton sustained a laceration to his right hand and was treated at the scene; he recovered.


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