Judge perishes in Atlantic Ocean rescue

Mitchell L. McLean, 54, a chief district court judge from North Wilkesboro, N.C., died July 3, 2013 after attempting to save Maryanne Galway and others from drowning in the Atlantic Ocean at Sunset Beach, N.C. While swimming, Galway, 55, and several others were caught by a strong rip current that took them farther from shore.  Galway’s husband supported her as he shouted for help.  In another party, McLean had just arrived at the beach.  He and his wife joined others in entering the surf in rescue attempts, but his wife returned to shore after struggling against the high waves.  Galway was returned to the beach by one of the rescuers as others retrieved her husband and McLean, who had been overcome by conditions.  Unconscious, all three were taken to the hospital, where Galway and McLean were pronounced dead.  Galway’s husband recovered.