Joseph A. Arsenault, Jr., and Nicholas Claudel

Joseph A. Arsenault, Jr., and Nicholas Claudel

Two men saved the driver of a tanker truck that was hauling 10,000 gallons of home heating fuel through Belgrade, Maine, when it overturned, spilled its contents, and caught fire after a Jan. 2, 2019, accident. Fuel on the road also caught fire. Mail carriers Joseph A. Arsenault, Jr., 62, of Farmington, Maine, and Nicholas Claudel, 29, of Belgrade, were working in the post office across the street from the accident and responded running to the truck, which was lying on its passenger side. They approached the windshield, where they could see the disoriented driver, Mark E. Tuttle, 54, inside the burning cab. They removed him from the truck through the broken windshield and guided him to safety. Flames, up to 50 feet high, issued from the truck and the cab was completely engulfed. Tuttle was not burned, but sustained injuries in the wreck. Arsenault and Claudel were not injured.


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