John-Paul Jasmins

In a Delta, B.C., children’s school parking lot, a 41-year-old woman fled a vehicle in which her husband, armed with a large kitchen knife, threatened her harm in a Feb. 20, 2019, incident. In trying to force her back into the car, the husband stabbed her. The woman fell to the ground. Off-duty Delta Police constable John-Paul Jasmins, 38, was with his children nearby when he heard a scream and sprinted to the scene. When he arrived on the scene, the woman was laying on her back behind a parked car. The assailant was straddling her and repeatedly stabbing her as she tried to fend him off. In a full run, Jasmins drove his shoulder into the man, tackling him to the ground. A struggle ensued and Jasmins was stabbed three times in the left side before the assailant lost his grip on the knife. Jasmins subdued the man while a bystander assisted. Shortly, constables arrived and arrested the man, who later pleaded guilty to assaulting both the woman and Jasmins. Jasmins underwent emergency surgery for internal injuries and a severed hip muscle. He was hospitalized three days before eventually returning to work.