Jamey Ruth Klassen

Sixteen-year-old Jamey Ruth Klassen of Guelph, Ontario, entered waters of the Georgian Bay, off of Lake Huron, on July 26, 2020, after she overheard others on the bank near Collingwood, Ontario, making a 911 call about 40-year-old kayaker Christopher G. Robertson drowning. She swam 600 feet to the man’s overturned kayak, but by the time she reached the area, the man was no longer at the water’s surface. Diving 12 feet, she found the man at the bottom of the lake and brought him to the surface. As she held him with one arm, she swam to shore with the other, shouting for help. Eventually a man on a paddleboard responded and took the man to shore where they revived him.


Carnegie Hero Jamey Ruth Klassen, left, backstrokes toward shore while towing a 40-year-old kayaker who was drowning after his kayak overturned in water near Guelph, Ontario, on July 26, 2020. Jamey swam 600 feet then dove 12 feet to bring the submerged man to the surface. Photo courtesy of Duncan Bristow.