James Blouin and Ryan Ross

James Blouin
Ryan Ross

During an early morning May 19, 2022, traffic stop, a Sequim, Washington, police officer was tackled to the ground. A violent struggle ensued for nearly 2.5 minutes while the assailant, who had just allegedly killed his mother, punched and kicked Officer Daniel Martinez, 31, and the two struggled for control of Martinez’s gun. By the time Carnegie Hero James Blouin arrived on the scene, the gun had already been discharged twice during the altercation, and the officer held tightly to the gun under the assailant’s body. Blouin, a 50-year-old purchaser of Sequim, approached and attempted to take the gun, but, failing to find it, he pushed the assailant’s head to the ground. As the assailant struggled to push himself up, Blouin grasped his hands and also called for help. Carnegie Hero Ryan Ross, a 45-year-old facilities maintenance technician, was driving nearby and responded. Ross, of Port Angeles, Washington, restrained the assailant’s legs. Others arrived soon after to help subdue the man, who was subsequently arrested. Martinez was hospitalized for treatment of injuries that included torn shoulder cartilage. Blouin and Ross did not need medical treatment.