Hero’s grant donated

State law and her employer’s policies kept Massachusetts State Trooper Allyson Powell, left, from accepting a financial grant from the Hero Fund, but she was free to donate it to a charity of her choice. She did so, selecting the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Boston, in recognition of the hospital’s work in treating children with severe burns, cleft lip and palate, and orthopedic conditions regardless of their families’ ability to pay. Accepting the check for $5,000 is John F. Sugden, Jr., the hospital’s senior director of public and community relations, who said the funds will be used in the construction of a new radiology suite. Powell was awarded the Carnegie Medal last September for her actions of July 21, 2010, by which she and two motorists saved the unconscious driver of a burning automobile after a nighttime highway accident in Swansea, Mass. Although she was on duty, the Hero Fund considered her actions to be well above and beyond its call. Her corescuers were brothers George J. Flanagan of Swansea and Robert Hugh Flanagan of Denver, Colo.