Heroic 16 year olds gave lives for others

Malo Enrique Paul
Madison Leigh Wallace

Of the 21 heroes awarded the Carnegie Medal in June of 2014, two were 16-year-old sophomores, Madison Leigh Wallace and Malo Enrique Paul.  Both died in their rescue attempts, and their families, of Spanish Fork, Utah, and Ruskin, Fla., respectively, were left to mourn them. It was the death of a teenager in 1886 that got Andrew Carnegie thinking about heroism.  After a 17-year-old boy drowned in a lake in Carnegie’s native Dunfermline, Scotland, in a rescue attempt, Carnegie wrote: “The false heroes of barbarous man are those who can only boast of the destruction of their fellows.  The true heroes of civilization are those alone who save or greatly serve them.”  The Hero Fund was born of his convictions. Madison, the oldest of six children, was in her school’s bands and the state’s Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.  “She wanted to be a writer,” her family said.  “Instead, her story was written in our hearts.” Malo, an only child, loved basketball, art, reading, and being in his church’s praise group. “He’s always going to be watching over everyone,” said his mother.