Despite having no fire-rescue training, Jasper (Ind.) Police officers Grant A. Goffinet and Brent D. Duncan arrived at the scene of a Sept. 16, 2018, accident where the front passenger of an overturned and burning SUV remained in his seat, appearing disoriented to the officers. Goffinet and Duncan discharged fire extinguishers at flames in the car’s engine compartment, but the fire continued to burn. Goffinet entered the SUV through the broken-out, rear hatch window. He entered to his waist, removed a headrest from a rear seat, and called to the man, 33, who moved toward him. Goffinet grasped his upper body and pulled him. By then, Duncan had joined Goffinet at the vehicle’s rear and gained a hold on the man’s arm. Together, they removed the man, and a bystander helped Goffinet and Duncan drag him away from the vehicle before flames spread and grew to consume it. The man was taken to a hospital for treatment of a facial abrasion; he was not burned. Scene photo courtesy of Jasper (Ind.) Police Department.


Grant A. Goffinet and Brent D. Duncan

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