Erik Breitwieser

Erik BreitwieserErik Breitwieser saved Edmund Soledad-Reyes from burning, Southampton, New York, November 14, 2015.

Unresponsive, Soledad-Reyes, 21, remained in the driver’s seat of his coupe after a nighttime accident in which the vehicle overturned and its front end caught fire.

Responding to the scene, Breitwieser, 35, a Southampton police officer, approached the driver’s side of the car and went to his hands and knees on the pavement.  He used a baton to break out the window of the driver’s door and then, despite flames about 4 feet high issuing from the engine area and smaller flames inside the passenger compartment at the pedals, reached inside and grasped Soledad-Reyes by the shirt.  He tugged once, but Soledad-Reyes did not move.

Realizing that his safety belt was engaged, Breitwieser went to his stomach, extended his upper body into the vehicle, and cut the belt with a knife.  He then pulled Soledad-Reyes to him and, dragging him, backed from the vehicle to safety.

Soledad-Reyes required hospital treatment for his injuries, and Breitwieser coughed for two days after the rescue.  He fully recovered.


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