Erich M. Funccius

Erich M. Funccius, a 32-year-old security officer, was grilling a steak on Oct. 1, 2020, on the porch of his home in Kingston, New York, when a nearby car struck a utility pole. Funccius ran to the scene, where electric lines had draped across the car’s hood which was also on fire. With fire spreading, Funccius pried open the front, passenger door and one man, 20, fell onto the ground. Funccius dragged the man away from the car, and then returned to the car for the driver, 30. He opened the driver’s door, reached across the man and released his seat belt, and then dragged him to safety. Learning that a third man was still inside, Funccius returned to the car again and located the 19-year-old man in a rear seat. He opened a rear door and removed that man. The car was shortly engulfed in flames. The three men were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries sustained in the crash, but they were not burned. Funccius sustained smoke inhalation, and he recovered.