Donald Michael Boles

Donald Michael Boles died Oct. 7, 2017, while attempting to rescue Zachary K. Crumb, 29, and Zoe A. Crumb, 7, from drowning in Carolina Beach, N.C. Crumb and his daughter Zoe were swimming in the Atlantic Ocean when a rip current carried them farther from the beach.  Crumb called for help.  Crumb’s father-in-law, Boles, 60, code inspector, swam toward the two, despite the strong current. Boles grasped his granddaughter and attempted to return her to shore, but they became separated, and the current carried Boles to a point about 500 feet from the beach. Rescue personnel removed Crumb and Zoe from the water, and others took Boles, who was floating unconscious in the water, aboard a boat; he could not be revived. Zoe was nearly exhausted and had swallowed water; she was taken to the hospital where she was treated overnight and recovered.


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