David Philip Duffey

A 25-year-old college student was driving in Irwin, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 16, 2022, when he saw the tractor trailer in front of him veer off the highway, collide into a guide rail, concrete barrier, and overpass. The cab came to rest facing the trailer and pointing to the sky; flames broke out in the twisted wreckage including burning near spilled fuel along the driver’s side. David Philip Duffey of Midway, Pennsylvania, hoisted himself through the passenger-side window opening, which had been broken out in the accident. With difficulty, he pulled driver Shune E. Moore, 56, from the cab to the ground. Duffey and another man pulled Moore about 7 feet when an explosion knocked Duffey and the other man to the ground. Flames grew to 15 feet high. Duffey and others dragged Moore farther away to safety. Moore was treated at a hospital for injuries incurred in the accident; Duffey suffered a back injury. No one was burned.

A tractor-trailer completely engulfed in flames moments after Carnegie Hero David Philip Duffey removed the driver from the cab.