Cody Hartman

A 29-year-old oil company line leader from Advance, Indiana, was driving in Whitestown, Indiana, on December 5, 2020, when he noticed flames issuing from a second-floor bedroom window. Cody Hartman stopped at the scene and approached the house, peering through the front-door window, and saw a man’s silhouette inside. After pounding on the door several times, Hartman forced it open with his shoulder and stepped inside, amid smoke and intense heat, Hartman pulled his shirt over his mouth and nose and went about 15 feet farther through the hallway to where the 63-year-old man by then lay on the living room floor. He grasped the man and pulled him to his feet before leading him to the front door and outside to safety. Hartman returned once more to the house. Before receiving an evaluation by paramedics on scene, Hartman entered the home again through the garage door, kicked in a door to the kitchen, and called out for anyone remaining inside.