Carnegie Medal presentation to Damian Bell

Carnegie Medal presentation

The Hon. Sara Kurovski, left, is mayor of Pleasant Hill, Iowa, and in March 2017 she had the honor of presenting a Carnegie Medal to one of her constituents, Damian Bell, shown with his son, Konnor, 9.  On Feb. 14 last year, Bell, then 35, Konnor, and their friends were ice fishing on 115-acre Lake Ahquabi at Indianola, Iowa, when Konnor heard a man screaming for help; the man had broken through the ice several hundred feet away.  Bell and his friend set out to rescue him, Bell pulling a canoe across the ice and working to pull the man aboard.  Responding firefighters helped fishing the rescue, and Bell was quick to acknowledge their efforts, as well as those of his son and their friends.  Read more.

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