Awardee, U.K. hero fund trustees visit Commission offices

The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission had several visitors to its Pittsburgh office recently.

Carnegie Hero Lance O’Pry, center, with staff members from the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. From left, President Eric P. Zahren, Awards Coordinator Jo Braun, Case Investigator Chris Foreman, and Investigations Manager Jeffrey A. Dooley.

Carnegie Hero Lance O’Pry was visiting the area for work and stopped by to say hello.

O’Pry is a 2014 awardee, who helped to save a 43-year-old man from burning. After a highway accident, the man was trapped in the burning wreckage of the cab of the tractor-trailer he had been driving. Driving nearby, O’Pry, a 42-year-old field mechanic at the time, witnessed the accident and immediately responded to the scene, where he saw the man suspended by his safety belt in the wreckage, flames overhead. He and another man who responded removed pieces of the wreckage to access the man and, despite intense heat in the cab, worked to free and remove him.


visits Commission
From left, Angus M. Hogg, retired trustee for The Carnegie Dunfermline & Hero Fund Trust, Commission President Eric P. Zahren, and Ian M. Wilson, Vice Chairman for the trust.

In addition, trustees from the U.K. hero fund – The Carnegie Dunfermline & Hero Fund Trust – stopped in before continuing on to the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy event held in early October 2017 in New York and the following Carnegie World Hero Funds meeting. Ian M. Wilson and his wife, Margaret, and Angus M. Hogg, and his wife, Rachel, took a quick tour of the Hero Fund office before a lunch with Commission President Eric P. Zahren and Chair Mark Laskow.