Anthony R. Perry

On June 5, 2022, a man came into contact with an energized railway charged with 600 volts of electricity. Anthony R. Perry, a 20-year-old store associate, was getting off a train on a nearby platform when he saw the man convulsing on the train track. He jumped down from the platform and onto the track and carefully approached the man while avoiding touching the rails. Positioning his right foot next to the energized rail, Perry grasped the man’s forearm but was shocked and let go of the man’s arm. Perry quickly tried again, but he was shocked again and released the man. Catching the man’s arm, Perry successfully lifted the man up and off the rail and placed him between the platform barrier and the track. Once authorities arrived, power to the rail was turned off and the man was taken to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. Perry received shocks but was unharmed by the rescue.