Allen Noble Corson, Jr.

A 26-year-old slot machine attendant from Taftville, Connecticut, was dining July 3, 2019, with his parents and fiancée at a Worcester, Massachusetts, restaurant, when he heard screaming from elsewhere inside the facility. Allen Noble Corson, Jr., ran in the direction of the noise where he saw a man attacking 31-year-old Amanda Dabrowski. Corson confronted the assailant, wrestling and pinning him to the floor. As they struggled, the assailant, who was wielding a knife in each hand, stabbed Corson in his left side. Dabrowski had slipped from the assailant’s grasp and was sitting against a wall with fatal stab wounds. Two other men joined Corson in securing the assailant until police arrived and arrested him. Dabrowski died of her wounds. Corson received sutures and recovered.