114th annual meeting held in June

annual meetingMembers of the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission in attendance at the 2018 annual meeting held in June. From left are Ann M. McGuinn, Nathalie Lemieux, Nancy L. Rackoff, Christopher R. McCrady, Frank Brooks Robinson, Dan D. Sandman, Susanne C. Wean, A. H. “Peter” Burchfield III, special guest William Thomson, President Eric P. Zahren, David McL. Hillman, Robert J. Cindrich,Linda T. Hills, Chair Mark Laskow, Thomas L. Wentling, Jr., Michael A. Thompson, Priscilla J. McCrady, and Evan S. Frazier. Not pictured are Sybil P. Veeder, Peter J. Lambrou, M.D., Arthur M. Scully III, and Joseph C. Walton.

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