Kendall Reyes

A Palm Beach police officer intervened in a June 18, 2023, suicide attempt in which a 67-year-old, distraught woman was perched on the ledge of a six-story building, about 50 feet above a parking lot. As police responded to the scene, officer Kendall Reyes, 38, arrived and attempted to establish a rapport with the woman. After several minutes of trying to lure her away from the edge of the roof, the woman sat on a 2-foot-high wall that lined the perimeter of the roof, her legs dangling over the side. Concluding that she was about to jump, Reyes sprinted 15 feet to the woman and pulled her backward from the ledge to the roof by her shoulders. As they struggled on the roof, other officers responded to help subdue the woman.

A screen capture of police body cam footage immediately after Kendall Reyes sprinted toward a woman perched on the ledge of the six-story building and pulled her to the deck of the roof. Footage courtesy of Palm Beach Police Department.