Instructions for affixing grave marker medallion

The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission grave marker medallion has been designed and produced by Matthews International Bronze Corp. of Pittsburgh, America’s largest producer of bronze memorials.

The medallion is intended for affixing on horizontal, slanted, or vertical metal or stone surfaces. Mounting can be done with only the enclosed silicone adhesive, or the adhesive can be used along with mounting pins (not enclosed in the package). The adhesive is extremely durable and strong, and Matthews has assured us that it has been widely used in similar applications.

A limited number of mounting pins can be provided upon request.

Follow the directions on the enclosed supply of Momentive RTV-108 product. Wipe away any excess adhesive from the edge of the insignia. Immediately after application, the medallion should be held in place with masking tape for 24 hours to allow adhesive to cure.

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