Numbering 21, members of the Commission serve in a volunteer capacity. They are the successors to the first members of the board, who were personally chosen by Andrew Carnegie on his establishment of the Hero Fund in 1904. Members of the staff administer the day-to-day operations of the Fund, including the investigation of hundreds of heroic acts annually.

A. H. Burchfield III Nancy L. Rackoff
Robert J. Cindrich Frank Brooks Robinson
Evan S. Frazier  Dan D. Sandman
David McL. Hillman Arthur M. Scully III
Linda T. Hills Michael A. Thompson
Peter J. Lambrou, M.D. Sybil P. Veeder
Mark Laskow Joseph C. Walton
Nathalie Lemieux Susanne C. Wean
Christopher R. McCrady Thomas L. Wentling, Jr.
Priscilla J. McCrady Eric P. Zahren
Ann M. McGuinn  
James M. Walton
Chair: Mark Laskow
Vice Chair: Nancy L. Rackoff
President & Secretary: Eric P. Zahren
Treasurer: Dan D. Sandman
Assistant Secretary & Investigations Manager: Jeffrey A. Dooley
Outreach Coordinator/Editor: Jewels Phraner
Case Investigators: Susan M. Rizza
Melissa A. McLaughlin
Chris Foreman
Joe Mandak
Office Manager: Jo Braun
Operations & Outreach Assistant/Archivist: Abby Brady
Administrative Assistant: Janet Thomas