Highlights from the Power of One event held in June 2018, which celebrated the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission’s 10,000th and 10,001st Carnegie heroes. View the full speeches from Commission officials at the event. View the videos shown at the event.

The Heroic Age: an updated history on the Carnegie Hero Fund Commissions and the individuals it recognizes for extraordinary acts of heroism:

Highlights from the Carnegie Medal presentations in 2017. View full videos of presentations.

On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, Carnegie Hero Fund Commission Executive Director Eric P. Zahren laid flowers at two memorials that remember the Harwick Mine disaster victims, a tragedy that occurred 113 years earlier. One bouquet was left at the mass grave, where many of the killed miners were buried. The other was left at the Harwick Miners Memorial near the Allegheny Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

A brief history of the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission and the individuals it recognized for extraordinary acts of heroism.