Ralph Leo Joyce

On a clear and frigid day in Lark Harbour, Newfoundland, John K. Parsons, 68, and Ralph Leo Joyce, 72, former cleaner, of Lark Harbour, were walking along a trail that followed the edge of a cliff face overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence on February 7, 2019. Parts of the trail were wet, with ice extending from the edge of the trail to the lip of the cliff. Parsons approached the cliff to photograph a seal and slipped, falling onto his back, before sliding to about 3 feet from the edge. His foot hit a rock protruding through the ice, which caused his momentum to stop. Joyce instructed Parsons not to move while he searched for something sturdy for Parsons to grab onto so that Joyce could pull Parsons to safety. After about 10 minutes, Joyce returned with a 10-foot-long tree branch that he extended to Parsons. Joyce dragged Parsons nearly 10 feet up the sloping hill away from the cliffside. Parsons recovered from minor bruising and scratches.