Katherine M. Wenszell

Katherine M. Wenszell

While on a family vacation, Katherine M. Wenszell sustained a severed toe, multiple fractures, internal contusions, and a concussion after being hit and dragged 50 feet by an Atlanta subway train after saving her 57-year-old mother from the same fate. On Aug. 19, 2018, Susan A. Wenszell was standing on a subway station platform when a man pushed her off the platform onto a track as a train approached. The younger Wenszell, a 28-year-old Milwaukee school teacher, jumped off the platform and unsuccessfully attempted to remove her mother from the path of the train. As the train bore down on them, Wenszell positioned Susan in the middle of the track so the train would pass over her. She also attempted to lay between the rails, but the train struck her and dragged her. Susan suffered a broken arm, concussion, back injury, and contusions to her body from being pushed onto the track, but she was not struck by the train. Wenszell, who was unconscious by the time the train came to a stop, was removed from the track by rescue personnel and underwent several surgeries for her injuries.


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