Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission would like to recognize the doctors, nurses, researchers, and healthcare workers, who have gone above and beyond, working to save the lives of individuals affected by COVID-19.

As medical personnel confront the tragedy of this pandemic head-on, evidence of their selfless and relentless persistence in fighting the virus, has been immeasurable.

The altruistic spirit and actions demonstrated by healthcare workers, grocery store employees, delivery men and women, and all other essential workers during this trying time reflect the constant presence of civilian heroism that Andrew Carnegie saw in the world, leading him to sign into existence, the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission in 1904.

The conscious benevolence of those on the front lines battling COVID-19 aligns with the ideals identified specifically by Carnegie in his direction to the founders of the Hero Fund; the seventh pillar of the Deed of Trust states, “No action more heroic than that of doctors and nurses volunteering their services in the case of epidemics.”

As an organization, we remain vigilant in the pursuit of acts of selfless heroism that meet the qualifications for the Carnegie Medal. More information about our awarding requirements and investigation process can be found on our website.