The June 2017 edition of imPULSE, the Commission’s quarterly newsletter, can be read online. This issue includes resumes of the latest awardees’ heroic acts, as well as updates on several awardees, including Robin DeHaven who competed on American Ninja WarriorJonathan Mark Lane who was honored by the American Association of Community Colleges, and Donald W. Usher who recently participated in a panel discussion about rescuing survivors of the Air Florida Flight 90 that crashed in the Potomac River in 1982.

Also included in this edition is coverage of the Commission’s recent medal presentations including:

  • A special ceremony in Carnegie Hall at Pomona College, Claremont, Calif., in which Hero Fund board member Linda Thorell Hills, who is also Carnegie’s great-granddaughter, presented Nathan Ryan Reynolds with the Carnegie Medal
  • Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner presented Duncan O. C. Harris with his medal, proclaiming Feb. 23, “Duncan O. C. Harris Day” in Illinois.
  • Peter F. Pontzer was awarded his medal by the Fairfax County (Va.) Supervisors
  • Aberdeen (S.D.) City Council presented Jameson Bartscher, a city public works employee, with his Carnegie Medal
  • The family of Michael J. Manley, Sr., received the Carnegie Medal from Commission Executive Director Eric P. Zahren at a private ceremony with family and friends in Wilmington, Del.
  • At a Fairfield Township (Mich.) Board of Supervisors meeting, R. Wayne Trivette and Timothy A. Holtz II were awarded their medals
  • U.S. Sen. James E. Risch of Idaho presented Joshua Gary Grimmett the Carnegie Medal
  • The family of Dinah Keturia McGee were given the medal by volunteer presenter and Carnegie Hero Charles S. Harris at a private ceremony
  • Volunteer presenter and Carnegie Hero Donald E. Thompson awarded Justin Lee Greenwald his medal at a ceremony hosted by the Los Angeles County Fire Department
  • Christopher Chmielnicki received his medal from Zahren at a private ceremony
  • Montgomery (Md.) Police Chief J. Thomas Manger  presented the Carnegie Medal to his officers, Brian Nesbitt and Cody Fields
  • Volunteer presenter and Carnegie Hero Joseph H.G. Allison awarded Calvin Bradley Stein with his Carnegie Medal
  • Pleasant Hill (Iowa) Mayor Sara Kurvski presented Damian Bell with the Carnegie Medal at a Pleasant Hill City Council meeting

Other features include updates on the Medal of Philanthropy and a biologist’s ongoing project to understand the biological basis of heroism, an article showcasing a town’s devotion to celebrating Carnegie Hero Antonio Varacalli, and two personal essays written by the son of June E. Roberts, whose family honored her at Christmastime last year, and the brother of Charles T. Porter, Jr.

Finally in this edition, Board Chair Mark Laskow discusses the sometimes complicated distinctions to be made between Carnegie’s work and his philanthropy, we show that the grave of Carnegie Hero Alvan C. Hirshberg was marked with a bronze medallion, and, the Commission pays tribute to eight friends of the Fund who recently died in  the”Friends Remembered,” column, including former board member Henry L. Hillman and Carnegie Heroes Ross G. Guy, Robert D. Reinhart, Jr., Raymond L. Robinson, James R. Ussery, Jr., and David Anderson Young.

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